By Becky Johnson

Have you ever wondered how a community center could benefit our area’s senior citizens? Learn about how the Hillsborough Community Center is partnering with Greater Hillsborough Senior Services to reach our shared goals.

GHSS provides valuable services that contribute to the well-being and independence of our region’s older folks. The organization would like to do more, but it is limited in terms of space and ability to expand services. When I approached the GHSS Board of Directors about the possibility of building a regional community center, they were excited about what this could mean to the people whom they serve.

I remember my first job at a community center, where the seniors were provided a daily meal, exercise if they wanted to participate, and social activities such as games, time with youth who were on community service field trips, or regular visits from pets from animal shelters. The site also provided Meals-on-Wheels a place where they could prepare nutritious food that was delivered to the home-bound seniors and the disabled. I want to create a center using this model. I believe that it is vitally important to take care of the community’s senior citizens and provide opportunities for health, education, and social activities that are easy to access, reliable, and safe. A community center will also mean that GHSS will have a permanent home to conduct business, expand offerings, and have a safe place to park their bus that is used for many excursions.

GHSS has assisted Hillsborough Community Center project with several fundraising initiatives. This alliance is important, and it will be crucial to the Center’s ability to access important grant funding for future programs specific to senior citizens.

Will you please help us build a regional community center? We need donations and volunteers. Visit to learn more about the project and how you can help.