Community Kitchens Bridge the Culinary Divide in Communities

Do you want to learn how to cook but don’t know where to start? Do you know someone who may need help figuring out how to cook on a limited budget? Maybe they’ve never made bread using a mixer or learned how to operate basic kitchen equipment and tools. There are also some who do not feel confident about what’s nutritional or who need inspiration and can gain that by working with others who love to cook. We will find ways to bring people together to learn and enjoy cooking.

Does your teenager want to learn how to cook or want to broaden their culinary skills? We are planning youth development programs and life skills courses. This experience will help youth learn to be self-sufficient in the kitchen, or may spark an interest in working in the culinary field.

Access to Regular Nutritious Food

Some senior citizens won’t cook for themselves, or they can’t cook safely in their living space. Our planned community kitchen will provide senior citizens access to much needed nutritious meals, either delivered to their homes or as they enjoy social time in our banquet facility.

The kitchen will provide opportunities for children to access healthy meals during school vacation times, during daycare time at our community center, or during much needed camps that we have planned.

We’ll also be able to cook or preserve and share what we harvest from our planned community garden. Many people do not have regular access to fresh vegetables, or they may want to learn how to can foods. We’ll show them how.

Event Support

Holding an event or celebration? Our professional kitchen will be available for rent in support of events, such as corporate meetings, parties, and wedding receptions. We’ll have available all of the equipment and dishes needed to make your event a success. The kitchen will also be available as a concession area for sporting events held at the Community Center.

Grow a Business

Entrepreneurs will be able to use the community kitchen as a place to grow their small business. Sometimes all of the fees, licensing, and safety requirements are difficult to meet when working in a home-based food operation. Our kitchen will be a great incubator space, and will lower economic barriers for entrepreneurs who want to commercially process their own recipes for sale or who want to cater events.

How You Can Help

Will you help us build a regional community center? To donate, visit to learn how you can support this effort. Visit to see how you can get involved.