The auditorium will house banquet facilities that will be rented out for large corporate and community events, weddings, and expositions. This shared space will also provide a stage for musical and theatrical productions, an indoor walking track that loops around the floor space, and a basketball/game court for local leagues and youth.

Professional Kitchen
To serve the banquet area, a full-scale professional kitchen will be nearby. This kitchen will be available to cater events, teach cooking courses, and for entrepreneurs who need business space for their food businesses. Rental of the kitchen space may be included when a group rents the banquet area, or it may be rented separately.

Exercise Space
In addition to the indoor walking track and game space, the facility will also include a full-size pool, fitness center, an outdoor youth playground, an adult playground, and locker rooms. The pool will be open for lessons and public swimming.

Community Garden
The Center will also be home to a community garden, where residents can take courses about horticulture, learn about local fauna, plant a patch, and network with other like-minded individuals. Food grown in the community garden may also be shared with the local food pantry or those in need.

Meeting Room
This room will accommodate visitors for small corporate meetings, professional presentations, and conferences. Local residents, municipal groups, and clubs will be able to rent the space on an as-needed or recurring basis.

Multi-purpose Classroom Space
There will be a room dedicated to classroom space. This room will feature ample worktables and chairs, lighting, and storage. This room could be used to teach adult and youth courses, be an art workspace, or be used as an additional meeting room.

Ample Parking
The acreage planned for the Center is intended to also be large enough to accommodate 200-300 vehicles, including a required percentage of handicapped spaces. Parking is necessary to be able to support large banquets, events, conferences, and expositions.