The following is a list of things we need to ensure the community center will be built. Please consider donating any of these items or services, or by sending a monetary donation to help us reach our goals.

  • Land – We need between five and 10 acres, preferably with Hillsborough town utilities.
  • Volunteers – We need dedicated people to help us raise money and educate the public about our project.
  • Funds – We are working in several phases to build each module of this project. The total project cost is estimated as follows: Phase I – $500,000; Phase II – $850,000; Phase III – $750,000.
  • An architect – If you are an architect, or know of one who will work with us pro bono, please contact us.
  • Contractor, landscape designer, engineer – Once we purchase land, we will need to work with people who can guide the construction project with cost efficiency.
  • Building supplies and equipment – As we construct the building, we’ll need all of the supplies that come with building a safe and energy efficient facility, as well as equipment (appliances, fixtures, etc.).
  • Furniture – We received a large donation of office equipment from a Concord accountant, but we will need more items, such as meeting tables, chairs, and electronic equipment.
  • Advisors – Attorney, insurance agent, various consultants

Once the Center is built, we will need reliable people to work for us. This is several years down the road, and paid positions will only happen when we are completely self-sufficient. These positions will likely be on a volunteer-basis at first.

  • Administrative Assistant – The administrative assistant will work closely with the Executive Director and Board members to help ensure the facility runs smoothly.
  • Maintenance Manager – The maintenance manager will attend to keeping the facilities in clean and working order. This will include grounds care, pool upkeep, and janitorial duties. They may manage a junior attendant.
  • Marketing and Fundraising Manager – This position may end up being two part-time positions, but they will work closely together to ensure we educate the public about our organization as well as bring in continual funding. The fundraising manager will also be in charge of responding to grant opportunities.
  • Volunteer Coordinator – This position will be in charge of recruiting and maintaining a list of reliable, dedicated volunteers.
  • Accountant – The accountant will work closely with our Treasurer in maintaining ledgers and accounts. The accountant will also be responsible for ensuring that regular financial audits are conducted and reported accordingly.
  • Athletic Coordinator – The athletic coordinator will be responsible for the management of the swimming pool, basketball court, indoor walking track, and fitness equipment. They will teach people how to properly and safely use equipment, and will also be responsible for recruiting life guards.