By Ann Poole, Board Chairperson

A couple years ago, the Town of Hillsborough held visioning sessions to identify what residents value, feel is missing, and should be priorities. Among the findings was that while people felt good about Hillsborough and the many area outdoor activities, there is a clear lack of fun and safe things to do. “What this town needs is…” and fill-in-the-blank (bowling alley, fitness center, theater, pool, community garden, meeting space, maker space, commercial kitchen, etc.). As much as all these things sound great, what captures my imagination is a lap pool.

Lap pools offer year-round opportunities to all–from the youngest to the oldest, and everyone in between–to not only swim and play but to ease stress, heal injuries, treat chronic pain, and improve physical and mental health. I can think of no better feeling than walking away from a dip feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Aquatic exercise offers benefits that a gym does not. Lap swimming and aquatic aerobics are great for prenatal fitness, weight management, and regular exercise. Water makes it easier and less painful to move. Water compresses and helps relax muscles that are sore or tight with little or no stress on painful joints. And for those who are frail or in danger of falling, water provides support relieving the fear of injury while exercising.

Are you convinced of the benefits of a lap pool? Where could you go to swim? Concord? Manchester? Keene? Well, why not Hillsborough? A pool as part of a community center would be a unique asset and powerful attractant for businesses to locate or expand here!

So, what do we need to make it happen? YOU. Your support and your involvement. I invite you to check out the Hillsborough Community Center web page at to learn more about the project

Originally published in the Stonebridge Post, June 2021