By Becky Johnson, Executive Director

As the Executive Director for the Hillsborough Community Center project, I’m leading a team of volunteers who are passionately committed to building a regional community center in Hillsborough.

This is an ambitious project, but our area needs the services that a community center will provide. It will be a space that is welcoming to all. A place where senior citizens can take in a daily meal and social activities. A safe place for children to learn, exercise, and have fun. A place where the community can come together for events, celebrations, and education.

The project will be built in several phases, and will be funded by grants, memberships, and donations.

Phase I of the project will be to purchase 5 to 10 acres of land. Phase II will be to build the heart of the Center. This includes shared space for events, plays, weddings, and recitals, an indoor walking track and basketball court, fitness room, and a professional kitchen. There will be maker space for entrepreneurs, and a multi-purpose room for games and classes. We’ll build a full-sized swimming pool in Phase III. This will be great for people who love to swim, for parties, and for competitive teams. We’ll also build a community garden, an outdoor play area for kids, and exercise equipment for adults.

Our region faces several problems: an aging population that has very few resources, and our young people are moving away and starting families where there are more resources. A regional community center will promote year-round exercise, learning, and social activities. It will boost the local economy and support businesses by attracting new customers to the region, especially as large events make Hillsborough a go-to destination.

Will you please help us build a regional community center in Hillsborough? We need donations and volunteers. Visit to learn how you can help.

Originally published in the Stonebridge Post, 5/7/2021