The Hillsborough Community Center will offer a wide range of opportunities to engage in fitness activities. With an indoor walking track, regulation-sized basketball court and swimming pool, cardio and weights area, and daily fitness classes, you’ll be able to focus your health without worrying about the weather outside.

Indoor sports facilities are useful and practical. The indoor, climate-controlled environment allows sports to be played year-round, regardless of the weather. Athletes, as well as spectators, don’t have to skip games due to the weather and can play comfortably in a safe, climate-controlled environment.

Shared Community Space

The auditorium area will be a shared space that can be converted from game space to event space with ease. Folding bleachers will allow attendees to watch competitive sports, or be placed out of the way to make room for a community dance or pickle ball tournament.

We plan to create a welcoming space that will accommodate 200-400 people. We will host holiday activities, community meals, year-round craft and flea markets, and be a daily meal site for senior citizens. The space will have excellent lighting, sound, and plenty of areas to hang decorations for special events.

Help Us Build

A single space like this doesn’t yet exist in our town – or in our region for that matter. One has to drive 30 minutes in any direction to access vital services, such as a warm pool for physical therapy, or reliable access to cardio equipment and workout space.

The Hillsborough Community Center Fundraising Committee and Board of Directors are doing everything possible to see this facility be built for our region. Will you help us build it? Learn more about how you can volunteer or donate to make this happen.