More volunteer committees will be added as they become available.

Standby Volunteers – The Hillsborough Community Center project is recruiting reliable volunteers who are interested in helping us build a regional community center. If you can assist at fundraising events and can collaborate as a team player on new ideas, we’re interested in speaking with you. Call Gene Gould, Fundraising Committee Director, at 603-464-4007.

Steering Committee [status: closed] This committee is responsible for a lot of the footwork to prepare phases of this project. For example, members visited other community centers, planned the building design, and helped spread the word about our project. This committee will reconvene in the near future as the project progresses. Contact Becky Johnson to be notified when this committee is active.

Fundraising Committee [status: open] This committee is actively accepting new members. Members create and execute projects that will result in funds being raised for the various phases of the project. Responsible, reliable, and committed members are essential for this committee to be successful. To join this committee, contact Gene Gould by email or by phone at (603) 464-4007.

Construction Committee [status: opening soon] This committee will be involved in the construction phase of this project. Members will work with an architect, engineer, and various town departments to ensure the project is built with quality in mind, as well as cost efficiency. Contact Becky Johnson to be notified when this committee is active.