Our Goals

  • To serve Hillsborough area residents and the surrounding areas.
  • To provide local groups a place to meet and conduct activities.
  • To provide residents with tools to improve their well-being, socialize, and volunteer in their community.
  • Create an inviting, non-threatening space for residents to participate in community programs.
  • To create community outdoor space for exercise and learning.
  • To provide indoor and covered spaces for exercise opportunities even during inclement weather.

The Benefits of a Community Center

  • Promotes exercise and learning
  • Boosts the local economy with jobs
  • Convenient facilities
  • Keeps adolescents safe
  • Provides seniors with social opportunities
  • Provides kitchen, meeting, and classroom space
  • Adds value to the town
  • Shows community investment and engagement


  • The Center will serve as a hub for local partner community groups.
  • The auditorium will give the Center the opportunity to host large-scale corporate events.
  • The auditorium and stage will serve as a fun, up-to-date theatrical arts space.
  • The banquet and kitchen area along with designated landscaped areas will serve as a unique wedding and reception facility, and will bring in considerable seasonal revenue from rental fees.
  • Offer space for instructors to teach courses such as swimming, dance, art, etc.
  • The competition-sized swimming pool will give the Center the opportunity to host a multitude of regional swimming events each year. The goal will be to host multiple meets per year which is expected to bring in a significant amount of revenue directly from fees charged to use the facility.
  • The regulation-sized basketball court and auditorium will serve as a place for leagues and teams to play and host events.

Problems Solved

  • There are no private or public auditorium spaces (aside from the SAU school campus) that groups can rent for events such as weddings, corporate events, and expositions.
  • There is no theatrical stage space for music groups, art, theatre, or dance.
  • There are no nearby professional kitchens that can serve large groups or events, or serve as incubator kitchens for entrepreneurs.
  • There are few spaces that can accommodate groups larger than 25 for meetings
  • There are no local spaces that could serve as classrooms for workshops beyond the SAU campus
  • There is no community garden
  • There are few children’s playgrounds in the area, and no adult playgrounds for exercise and agility
  • There is no public pool in the area
  • There are very few exercise facilities in the area that offer accessible and inclusive courses
  • There are no indoor walking tracks or indoor game spaces (beyond the SAU campus) that private groups may use during inclement weather or for league practice.
  • The population of Hillsborough is aging and our young people are moving out of town. A center will give families a reason to stay in town, purchase property, and be invested in their community.

Sections That Will Draw Out-of-Area Visitors

  • Auditorium and grounds: Weddings
  • Auditorium and meeting rooms: Corporate events
  • Community civic groups
  • Drop-in use of pool, indoor track, game space, locker rooms
  • Instructor use of exercise facilities
  • Classroom – for workshops or meetings
  • Entertainment event
    • Theatrical, musical, or dance productions
  • Art installations around the building

100 Potential Course Offerings

20/20/20 Fitness
Adoption 101 
Adult Basketball Leagues
Adult Beginner Swim Lessons 
Adult Intermediate Swim Lessons 
After Hours Pool Party 
American Red Cross First Aid/CPR Training
Aqua Board Yoga 
Aqua Pilates 
Aqua Yoga 
Art A-Z 
Art with Mixed Media 
Art Zone 
Babysitter’s Training 
Ballroom Dancing
Basics of Money 
Beginner Yoga 
Beginning Karate 
Beginning Pen, Ink, and Watercolor 
Book Club
Budgeting 101
Build and Paint 
Card Making 
Cardio Boot Camp 
Cardio Pilates 
Christmas Party
Cooking Club
Creative Game Board Design 
Distance Swimming 
Dragon Camp 
Draw and Enjoy 
Earring, Bracelet, Necklace Making 
Easter Egg Hunt 
Family Fun Recreation Swim
Fashion Design 
Flea Marketing 101
Foster Parenting 101
Fundamentals of Photography 
Garden Club
Gardening 101
Halloween Party
Holiday Swims 
How to Garden with Mother Nature 
Introduction to Karate Camp 
Introduction to Tai Chi 
Jewelry Design 
Kids Club 
Kids in the Kitchen 
Kids in the Garden
Kinder Dance 
Kinder Gym 
Lap Swim  
Level 1, 2, 3, 4 Swim Lessons 
Lifeguarding Course 
Little Artist Academy 
Making My Savings Work Harder for Me 
Masters Swimming 
Mommy & Me 
Open Gym 
Basketball Leagues
Pilates 101 
Planting for Wildlife with Native Plants 
Pool Volleyball 
Princesses & Knights 
Private Swim Lessons 
Quilting Club
Retirement Planning Today 
Salsa Dancing
Saving for College 
Science Camps 
Scuba Diving 
Self Defense 
Sewing Club
S.T.E.A.M. Club for Kids
Story Writing Made Easy 
Strokes of a Brush 
Summer Day Camp 
Summer Day Camp Swim Lessons 
Summer Sculpture Camp 
Swim Party 
Swing Dance 
Target Toning 
Ten Week Turnaround 
Toddler Play (Leisure Pool) 
Tree Lighting Ceremony 
Tutoring (school age)
Valentine’s Social
Volleyball Tournament 
Walk-a-thon Fundraiser (Indoor Track)
Warm Water Physical Therapy 
Water Safety Instructor Course 
Water Babies 
Winter Arts & Craft Show 
Women in the Water 
Youth Basketball Leagues 
Youth Lap Swim